new sneakers came today!:)


This is How Your Plate Should Look
Healthy Diet

wow I just found out that this blog who posted this ^ only has like 20 posts lol… lame… 
the only bad workout is the one you didn’t do


Happy Tuesday!! Finally returned to the gym yesterday! I’m not 100% yet and wasn’t able to have a complete workout but every workout is a step closer! Everyday I’m moving closer to my goal! #fitfam #fitness #motivation #healthy #goals #weightloss #fitspiration #instafit #workout #muscles #abs #proud #gymrat

Hey guys, so it’s been a realll long time but I’m gonna try and get back into the swing of things… And as you know my inbox is always open!

Lunch today
So I was going for a tastier way to eat more fiber… Here I added 1/2 cup original All-Bran to a low calorie Greek yogurt for a really healthy snack that tastes much better than the cereal! try it out
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